Room Reservations

Interested in booking a room for a private event?


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*Outside drinks are not permitted on the premises. While outside food is allowed, we are unable to store or serve any products brought in from external sources. Additionally, any form of outside entertainment is not allowed within the establishment. Compliance with these guidelines is necessary to maintain the quality and integrity of our services. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.*


What we provide:

- Provide access to the event center during the agreed-upon rental period.
- Ensure the event center is clean and in good condition prior to the event.
- Provide basic amenities such as restrooms, lighting, and heating/cooling facilities.
- Address any maintenance issues promptly during the rental period.

Renter Responsibilities:

- Pay the agreed-upon rental fee by the specified due date.
- Obtain any necessary permits or licenses required for the event.
- Adhere to all event center policies and regulations.
- Leave the event center in the same condition as it was found, including cleaning up after the event.

Cancelation policy:

- In the event of cancellation, Tremont Coffee Co. must be notified in writing at least 14 days prior to the event date.
- If the cancellation notice is provided within the specified period, the rental fee will be refunded minus any non-refundable deposit or administrative fees.

Note: All bookings are subject to approval, payment due upon booking.