Who is Tremont Coffee co.

Tremont Coffee is a proud Ohio wholesale and retail producer of small batch, artisan, hand roasted and bagged coffee. You just might run into one of us in Canton or Massillon.
We source exceptional coffee beans from different continents that are carefully chosen for not only flavor profile but, a proper size, texture, and sugar content. Searching for all of these characteristics is without a doubt important and it's equally important to us to pay beyond fair trade prices to farming families. By working though direct trade with farmers that care as much about our beans and the environment as we do we're able to do more than just make a great cup of coffee.

Our roaster is a dedicated person, a person who knows exactly how to bring the best out of every bean — that ideal ratio of sweetness to acidity, that balance is created by getting to know every bean on a personal level. standing diligently next to our Roasting machine adjusting times and temperatures manually throughout the day, knowing that mere seconds could make the difference between creating a bean that shines or overwhelming it. 

We roast just enough to bring out what we feel is the full potential and the inherent soul of each particular region of coffee. We roast to draw out things like, floral notes, chocolate, molasses, earth, and the proper balance of acidity. The coffee’s flavor potentials are presented an audible signal called the "the first crack"  which happens at a precise point of time and temperature. After the first crack, we'll roast just enough to add the right amount of body and sweetness.